Concrete Polish
Concrete Polish provides a durable, stain resistant,
low maintenance and reflective concrete floor.  This
process turns bare concrete into a marble-like
abrasion resistant, water and dust repellant, which is
easy and more economical to clean.
Polishing Steps
  • Prep begins by removing existing epoxies, glues,
    sealers and paint.  We continue using finer metal
    bond diamonds to smooth and flatten floor and
    achieve the desired effect.   
  • A lithium-based densifier is applied and bonds
    with the concrete.  It forms a superior protective
    surface layer that is stronger, breathable, dense
    and abrasive resistant.  This conforms to “Green
    Leaf” / “LEED Qualifying” points for your company.
  • Polishing the floor surface is continued using
    resin bond diamonds.  Requiring anywhere from
    two to 6 passes, this provides the customer’s
    desired level of gloss.
  • A lithium based protective clear coat is applied to
    harden and seals concrete floors, producing a
    very hard, dust repellent, chemical resistant and
    water tight surface.
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